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Free Riot Points F.A.Q

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Are you an average or maybe even a elite League of Legends player that is looking for to get access to all the premium content by using Riot Points? In these days and in this economy it's very likely that you rather spend your money on something more important.

What can I do with Riot Points?

As stated above Riot Points are used as a currency in the game League of Legends. By adding them to your in-game wallet you'll get the opportunity to purchase a lot of different premium champions, skins, runes and more! By learning how to get Riot Points for free at our website, you'll access premium content in League of Legends that actually costs real and hard earned money!

How do I get Free Riot Points?

There is 2 extremely simple steps that you need to complete to get access to your free Riot Points code. Simply select if you want a 1380 or 2800 points card and then fill out a small offer from our sponsors until it has been credited.
When you successfully have completed both steps you'll automatically download a file that will contain all the information that you need to get code for free.

How does this work?

Now we're able to share the algorithm on how everyone are claiming free riot points codes, although it might sound to good to be true the only thing that you need to think about is that you can get an unlimited amount of for free! All our developers and authors are working day and night to keep the method up to date as we've grown massively over the past few months.

Are all the codes working?

Yes. We've been live for months and haven't received one single report of a banned account or invalid key. This is probably because we've been working thousands of hours to find this bulletproof system against any updates.
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